Monday, December 10, 2012


By Alex Marshall

Publisher: Damnation Books

Genre: Science Fiction
Sub Genre: Fantasy
eBook ISBN: 9781615720507

Price: $ 2.50
Pages: eBook: 40



Blurb via Publisher’s website:

On the shattered, war-torn Earth of the far future, an aged scientist wearied by grief tries to break the vicious cycle of bloodshed and revenge which has consumed the planet. At the brink of despair he must strike a blow for humanity and right the wrongs he and his kind have visited upon each other throughout an ages-long slide into darkness.

My Review:

Sometimes the best dark fiction lies within the realities of our times…our potential future.

Do you believe in coincidence? Since I started reviewing I’ve also become a published writer, a blogger, and an editor. Today on my writer’s blog I revisited with a book I edited. What does this have to do with this review? Simply told, both look at time and how writers examine its possibilities.

But, this might be giving too much away from Crimson Tower’s tale.

At the heart of this story is mankind’s need to dominate. To be right, at least on the right side of whatever issue we wage our wars on. What if…no, that would be giving the story away.

Mr. Marshall has captured much within these thirty electronic pages. Through his writing, his characters and world showcase dehumanization that is all too possible.

Reality in the hands of a dark fiction writer always equals a real fear read.

Material provided by the publisher in exchange for my impartial review

Friday, December 7, 2012


By Teel James Glenn

Publisher: Eternal Press

Genre: Science Fiction
Sub Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9781926704678

Pages: eBook: 51
Starting Price:  $3.95


Blurb via publisher’s website:

In the virtual world of Old Basra a thief who loved a Princess learns to see with more than his eyes and changes the real world in the process.

In Old Basra the thief Asad El-baha falls in love at first sight with the beautiful Princess Fatinah, but it is a forbidden love. In the real world the office is a hotbed of bullying and unrequited love. The two worlds collide when the evil wizard-emir who transforms Asad into a horse, and the game goes horribly wrong.

My Review:

Mr. Glenn always tells a swashbuckling tale. High action, fast-paced, and classic-voiced. I know this sounds like a bunch of catch phrases; however, this is what I’ve come to expect when I open one of his books. Why I look forward to opening them.

It’s easy to rewrite the storyline and delve into the nitty-gritty of structures and style. But lately I find myself moving toward a simpler voice. Surprisingly, moving away from the catch phrases and impact words to the plain fact…I enjoy Mr. Glenn’s writing.

I know, I know, even wrote it in another review, just saying I like a book isn’t enough. If it was all my reviews would be ratings and nothing more. Kinda of boring, really.

When I open a book from Mr. Glenn I expect to be swept away. To find myself in another world in the midst of adventure and full make believe. Actually, I think that hits it on the nail…reading Mr. Glenn is very much like playing make believe. I can plant myself in the middle of the story and literally have to pull myself out into reality. This is different from escaping into a book. This is watching a stage play calling me up on stage and taking me along as everything unfolds.

I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading “The Horsed Thief.” I kept thinking the land of Aladdin. Then I would be back in my old office cubicle waiting to escape to my daydreams…my books. Here I wonder if we’re escaping to a time past or future present?

When and how does the virtual become reality and reality, virtual?

I don’t really know, all I do know is I had fun reading “The Horsed Thief.”

Material provided by the author in exchange for my impartial review

Thursday, September 15, 2011


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